Thoughts I Have At Midnight

When you lie awake at night and stare at your ceiling, it's almost like your entire world closes in for you. Like all aspects of your life are piecing together while you slowly begin to see and realize things that you have never before. That's why I call this, Thoughts I Have at Midnight. Because at midnight is when my world makes sense.

All of a sudden
I miss everyone
even the ones
who are not gone

—   The Joy of Being Alive | Lora Mathis (via lora-mathis)


When i told my mother about you, I said
I could pray at your altar mouth forever
And then commit blasphemy when
forever is over to keep things interesting.
I said that when you’re sad i’d go to the
nearest store to get you digestives.
When you’re extra sad, i’d go extra far to
get the ones you like the most.
I like you the most.
I said I tell you that i want your hands on
places nothing has touched.
My liver, my kidney, my slightly browned
I said that you put your hands down my
throat and you hugged my insides so well
that they forget who made them.
When you kiss me, I forget what a hand is.
When I finished telling her about you,
my mother said anyone could find this
kind of love anywhere.
Her hands are still empty

—   Salma.D - about you (via fingeringcharlie)

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Charles Bukowski, man.

My demons look like you sometimes.

—   Thursday, May 8th, 2014 (via jasfuckinq)

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